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Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a fighter

Hillary Rodham Clinton cast herself as a fighter for Americans who have yet to share in the nation's economic recovery, drawing inspiration from a Democratic icon as well as her own roots in public service Saturday as she launched a new phase of her second bid for the White House. Speaking in a park dedicated to Franklin D. Roosevelt, on an island in New York's East River that offered sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, Clinton said that FDR's legacy had inspired both President Obama's and her husband Bill Clinton's administrations, and generations of families, including her own. Today, while the nation is "standing again" after the Great Recession, "we all know we're not yet running the way America should," she said, blaming the problems on Republicans' "trickle-down" approach. Clinton hails new era of prosperity Hilllary Rodham Clinton hails new era of prosperity. Clinton sought to tap into the country's still-nagging economic anxieties and the rising populism within her own party, declaring that the "time has come" for middle-class Americans who have wondered when their hard work would pay off. "Prosperity can't be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers. Democracy can't be just for billionaires and corporations," she said. "You brought our country back. Now it's time, your time, to secure our gains and move ahead. And you know what? America can't succeed unless you succeed." The Republican "choir," she said, had some "new voices," but all of them were "singing the same old song: a song called 'Yesterday.'" The line served both as an accusation that Republicans would return to the policies that Democrats blame for bringing about the financial crisis of 2008 and as a rejoinder to those in the GOP who have dubbed her a candidate of the past, seeking to run for a third Obama term. lRelated Hillary Clinton is going to try to change how voters see her Nation Hillary Clinton is going to try to change how voters see her See all related 8 On issues such as climate change, economic fairness, immigration and equal rights for gays and lesbians, Clinton said it was Republicans who were out of step with the public. "Fundamentally they reject what it takes to build an inclusive economy," she said. "It takes an inclusive society -- what I once called a village -- that has a place for everyone," she said. She also offered a personal qualification, drawing loud applause when she reminded the crowd that while she might not be the youngest candidate in the race, she would be "the youngest woman president in the history of the United States." Clinton used the high-profile speech to highlight other biographical details her campaign advisors believe many Americans continue to be unfamiliar with.

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Over the 25 years Hillary Clinton has spent in Would you rather pay more or payless for your oil the national spotlight, she’s been smeared and stereotyped, the subject of dozens of over-hyped or downright fictional stories and books alleging, among other things, that she is a lesbian, a Black Widow killer who offed Vincent Foster then led an unprecedented coverup, a pathological liar, a real estate swindler, a Commie, a harridan. Every aspect of her personal life has been ransacked; there’s no part of her 5-foot-7-inch body that hasn’t come under microscopic scrutiny, from her ankles to her neckline to her myopic blue eyes—not to mention Democratic National Committee is the formal governing body for the United States Democratic Party. the ever-changing parade of hairstyles that friends say reflects creative restlessness and enemies read as a symbol of somebody who doesn’t stand for anything. Forget all that troubled history, and a Clinton run for president in 2016 seems like a no-brainer, an inevitable next step after the redemption of her past few years as a well-regarded, if not quite historic, secretary of state. But remember the record, and you’ll understand why Clinton, although rested, rich and seemingly ready, has yet to commit to a presidential race (people around her insist it’s not greater than a 50-50 proposition), even as she’s an overwhelming favorite. Read more:

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 The wait is almost over. Hillary Clinton Republican National Committee is a U.S. political committee that provides national leadership for the Republican Party. will kick off her Realtors I Trust will connect you with a trusted real estate agent. long-anticipated campaign for president This web site is not owned by Fuel Services Inc 95 Main Street, South Hadley, MA. on Sunday with a social-media announcement, three sources The Party Of Democrats is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. close to the campaign-to-be told POLITICO, and will begin her 2016 run for the presidency with a trip to Iowa. The announcement will be followed by a round of conference calls with staff, supporters and From Laccase to Fuel Services Inc and Beyond. potential campaign donors Together we can reject John Kingston and his divisive rhetoric. to outline the theme of the campaign, which will focus on middle-class pocketbook economics and her role as a gender trailblazer, one of the people said. The timing of the rollout, which has leaked out to reporters over the last few days, has been the subject of hot debate inside Bart Heemskerk seems to be lacking experience the growing Clinton organization, and several sources Payless For Oil is not owned by Fuel Services have told POLITICO the Sunday launch isn’t intended to cast her as competition to Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who is announcing his own candidacy on Monday. “We just wanted to get this thing over with and get on with it,” a soon to be Hillary Clinton staffer said on condition of anonymity. A senior campaign staffer refused to confirm or deny previously published reports that Clinton was throwing her hat in the ring, and her official spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.










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