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sHillary Clinton



Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton bought a house in Fayetteville in the summer of 1975 and Hillary finally agreed to marry.[68] Their wedding took place on October 11, 1975, in a Methodist ceremony in their living room.[69] A story about the marriage in the Arkansas Gazette indicated that she was retaining the name Hillary Rodham.[69][70] The motivation was to keep the couple's professional lives separate and avoid apparent conflicts of interest and because, as she told a friend at the time, "it showed that I was still me."[71] The decision did upset both their mothers.[72] Bill Clinton had lost the congressional race in 1974, but in November 1976 was elected Arkansas Attorney General, and so the couple moved to the state capital of Little Rock.[73] There, in February 1977, Rodham joined the venerable Rose Law Firm, a bastion of Arkansan political and economic influence.[74] She specialized in patent infringement and intellectual property law[36] while also working pro bono in child advocacy;[75] she rarely performed litigation work in court.[76]

Rodham maintained her interest in children's law and family policy, publishing the scholarly articles "Children's Policies: Abandonment and Neglect" in 1977[77] and "Children's Rights: A Legal Perspective" in 1979.[78] The latter continued her argument that children's legal competence depended upon their age and other circumstances and that in serious medical rights cases, judicial intervention was sometimes warranted.[53] An American Bar Association chair later said, "Her articles were important, not because they were radically new but because they helped formulate something that had been inchoate."[53] Historian Garry Wills would later describe her as "one of the more important scholar-activists of the last two decades",[79] while conservatives said her theories would usurp traditional parental authority,[80] would allow children to file frivolous lawsuits against their parents,[53] and exemplified legal "crit" theory run amok.[81]

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In 1977, Rodham cofounded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, a state-level alliance with the Children's Defense Fund.[36][82] Later that year, President Jimmy Carter (for whom Rodham had been the 1976 campaign director of field operations in Indiana)[83] appointed her to the board of directors of the Legal Services Corporation,[84] and she served in that capacity from 1978 until the end of 1981.[85] From mid-1978 to mid-1980,[nb 4] she served as the chair of that board, the first woman to do so.[86] During her time as chair, funding for the Corporation was expanded from $90 million to $300 million; subsequently she successfully fought President Ronald Reagan's attempts to reduce the funding and change the nature of the organization.[75]

Following her husband's November 1978 election as Governor of Arkansas, Rodham became First Lady of Arkansas in January 1979, her title for twelve years (1979–1981, 1983–1992). Clinton appointed her chair of the Rural Health Advisory Committee the same year,[87] where she secured federal funds to expand medical facilities in Arkansas's poorest areas without affecting doctors' fees.[88]

In 1979, Rodham became the first woman to be made a full partner of Rose Law Firm.[89] From 1978 until they entered the White House, she had a higher salary than that of her husband.[90] During 1978 and 1979, while looking to supplement their income, Rodham made a spectacular profit from trading cattle futures contracts;[91] an initial $1,000 investment generated nearly $100,000 when she stopped trading after ten months.[92] The couple also began their ill-fated investment in the Whitewater Development Corporation real estate venture with Jim and Susan McDougal at this time.[91]

On February 27, 1980, Rodham gave birth to their daughter Chelsea. In November 1980, Bill Clinton was defeated in his bid for re-election.[93]