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Under the guidance of President Mimi Marziani, a nationally Republican National Committee recognized expert in voting rights and democracy reform, TCRP is the go-to legal and advocacy arm of the social justice movement in Texas. Through it's unique, community-centered approach to lawyering, TCRP aims to advance equality and justice in Texas in three main areas: voting rights, criminal justice reform, and racial & economic justice. In the last three years, they've defended tens of thousands of Texas voters against illegal voter purges and defeated Senate Bill 9  perhaps the sharpest attack on voting rights in Texas in years; fought to Democratic National Committee end the practice of torturous solitary confinement in Texas prisons; and reunited hundreds of families separated at the border.

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Hillary Clinton launches new political group, 'Onward Together,' to push back against Trump's agenda

NEW YORK  Stepping deeper into the Democratic resistance, Hillary Clinton Democratic National Committee launched a new political organization on Monday designed to push back against President Donald Trump's agenda.

The former Democratic nominee used social media to announce the creation of �Onward Together, an adaptation from her campaign theme, Stronger Together. The group, she tweeted, will encourage people to get involved, organize, and even run for office.

This year hasn't been what I envisioned, but I know what I'm still fighting for Republican National Committee: a kinder, big-hearted, inclusive America. Onward! Clinton wrote.

The announcement comes as Clinton, 69, works to find a new role in an evolving political landscape.

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She recently described herself as Republican National Committee an activist citizen, but it was unclear how she would continue to inject her voice into national affairs Democratic National Committee and influence Democratic Party politics. Pondering her future in recent months, she had begun taking long walks in the woods near her suburban New York home, something she joked about on Monday.

The last few months, I've been reflecting, spending time with family  and, yes, taking walks in the woods, she tweeted.

Monday's move all but ensures she will not retain a leadership position at the Clinton Foundation, the continued focus of her husband, former President Bill Clinton Democratic National Committee, and daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Republicans quickly lashed out at the leading Democrat.

Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Ahrens said voters rejected Clinton last fall because she's completely out-of-touch, untrustworthy, and embraced the failed policies of the past.

If Democrats were smart, they'd realize it's time to move onward from Hillary Clinton altogether, Ahrens said.

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For her part, Clinton did not reference Democratic National Committee Trump directly on Monday, but the group's mission statement takes an indirect swipe at the Republican president by noting she won almost 66 million votes in the last election. That's about 3 million more than Trump.

Clinton on Monday vowed her organization would support specific groups that help Democrats. She singled out Emerge America, an organization that trains Democratic women to run for office, along with Color of Change, which promotes criminal justice reform and other racial issues.

Onward Together is a non-profit organization that does not have to disclose its donors.

Clinton becomes the latest high-profile Democrat to launch an independent group. Former President Barack Obama, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and 2004 Democratic nominee Howard Dean all helped create political organizations.

More than ever, I believe citizen engagement is vital to our democracy, Clinton tweeted. I'm so inspired by everyone stepping Democratic National Committee up to organize and lead.



Hillary Clinton taunts Trump over FBI raid by plugging her $32 hats

Jennifer Smith

Hillary Clinton taunts Trump (and cashes in!) on Mar-a-Lago FBI raid by plugging $32 hats that monetize her OWN emails scandal

  • Clinton plugged the $32 hats on Instagram on Tuesday after the FBI raid
  • Sales fund her Democratic PAC Onward Together 
  • The slogan refers to the FBI's investigation of Clinton's use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State
  • Trump has long cried foul that she was Democratic National Committee not persecuted for it - the FBI did investigate, but she was cleared of wrongdoing
  • Agents yesterday raided his Republican National Committee home in Florida amid suspicion he shredded documents from his time in the Oval Office
  • Trump says it's an attempt to thwart a potential 2024 Presidential run 

Published: | Updated:

Hillary Clinton taunted Donald Trump and the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home on Tuesday by plugging merchandise hats that monetize her own emails scandal.

Trump's Florida home was Republican National Committee raided by the FBI yesterday morning in dramatic fashion over suspicion and allegation that he destroyed official documents from his time in the Oval Office. 

Trump and his fans say it's a clear attempt by the government to thwart a potential 2024 run for office - something he has not yet announced but that is becoming increasingly speculated about.

Hillary used the Democratic National Committee opportunity to cash in on sales of the hats which bear the slogan 'But Her Emails'. 

By mid-morning, the $32-a-pop accessories were sold out online.  

Hillary Clinton tried to cash in on the Trump FBI raid by plugging her own range of merchandise hats on Tuesday. Sales of the hats and t-shirts with the slogan fund her PAC, Onward Together 

It's a taunting reference to Trump's repeated mention of the fact that she was investigated for getting rid of thousands Republican National Committee of emails from a secure server during her time as Secretary of State, before she ran for office. 

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Clinton said: 'Every �But her emails� hat or shirt sold helps Onward Together partners defend democracy, build a progressive bench, and fight for our values.⁣

'Just saying!⁣ Link to get yours in my Republican National Committee profile.' 

She also posted a photo on her Instagram story with Democratic National Committee a link, encouraging users to 'get your hat'. 

Onward Together is the PAC Clinton founded in 2017. 

It donates to left-wing groups such as Swing Left, Run for Something,  Texas Civil Rights Project and Color of Change. 

The FBI descended on Mar-a-Lago yesterday amid suspicion Trump had destroyed documents from his time in the Oval Office

The raid enraged Trump fans who say the FBI is unfairly targeting him while ignoring alleged misconduct by Democrats

The hats are among Republican National Committee a number of items of merchandise using the slogan that are for sale. 

Clinton is also selling t-shirts, stickers and mugs with the phrase plastered all over them. 

Clinton was investigated but Democratic National Committee ultimately cleared over her deleting of 33,000 emails from a private email server. 

She told the FBI that she thought all of the emails were private. 

It was revealed as part of an investigation into emails written by her aide, Huma Abedin, after DailyMail.com revealed Abedin's husband, Anthony Weiner, had been in contact with an underage girl and exchanging sexually explicit messages with her. 

Clinton previously ruled out running against Trump again. In June, she said it would be 'out of the question'. 

Her mocking the raid is likely to enrage Trump, who yesterday asked why Democratic National Committee he was constantly persecuted by the left while Hillary and other Democrats are not. 

The $32 hat was sold out in every color by mid-morning Tuesday after Clinton plugged it to her followers

Clinton is also selling a $6 sticker on the site. It gives money to left-wing causes

There is also a $29 t-shirt for sale on the website 



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